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Fear of Failure Workshop -- Dr Ard Nieuwenbroek

Join international guest-speaker and Contextual Therapist, Dr Ard Nieuwenbroek, as he explores the complexities of fear of failure with us, based on his new book ‘Het Gehiem Achter Faalangst’ (The Secret Behind Fear of Failure). For two evenings only, Ard will explain how we can assist children who experience fear of failure, based on the Contextual Therapeutic Perspective.

Dates:  26, 27  February 2018 Port Elizabeth


Dangerous Personalities - Narcissism Talk

Join Behaviour Specialist, Ian Ferreira and Counsellling Psychologist, Dr Tanya Defferary for a first-of–its-kind workshop in Port Elizabeth. During this two hour talk these two experts will take you on a journey to explore the intricacies of Narcissism. Using their knowledge, gathered from the fields of Behaviour Analysis and Contextual Therapy, they will explain what it is like to be in a relationship with a narcissist, how to start noticing the ‘red-flags’ and why we tend to get stuck in these kinds of relationships, with our partners, employers or friends.


20 November 2017—Greenacres/Perridegvale (Pearson Institute, Building 4, Ascot Office Park)

21 November 2017 – Lorraine (31 Macon Rd, Emmanuel Church)

28 November 2017—Summerstrand (47 Brighton Rd, Summerstrand)



Workshop Development and Facilitation

Dr Tanya Defferary has already successfully offered a host of workshop development and facilitation services across South Africa.

These workshops can be tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your organisation. 

Should you wish to find out more email: