What good can therapy do?

I have had people ask me why they should bother going to therapy and what good would actually do.

I remember in our Master's year we were all encouraged to go to see a therapist to experience what it was like. I can remember thinking "ugh, why do we need to do that?". Then I realised that no matter who we are, no matter what we have been through, we can all benefit from going to speak to someone. To have someone who is objective, who can listen to our story and help us gain new insights into ourselves and our situation is amazing. It was a humbling experience to sit on the couch and realise how nerve-wracking it is to sit opposite a person who you don't know, and be expected to share some of your innermost secrets with them, stuff that you may never have never shared with anyone. 

I think the thing is that sometimes, especially when we are stuck in the middle of a situation, it can be really hard to think of alternatives, or even of a way out. That is where a therapist can come in. To have a person who can help you unpack your situation, to find the delegations and loyalties that are playing out (often intergenerational ones), can be such an eye-opener. It can really help you see why you keep getting stuck in the same situations and patterns, or help you see things from a new perspective.