Psychological Counselling in Port Elizabeth:

Psychological counselling services for adults, teens, families and couples.

About Tanya:

Dr Tanya Defferary graduated with her Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in April 2016. She formally qualified as a Counselling Psychologist in 2009 and since then has been practicing as a psychologist in independent practice in Port Elizabeth.

Since she qualified, Tanya has worked as a school psychologist, at children’s homes and has run a private practice in Port Elizabeth. For the past 7 years she has held the position of Senior Psychology Lecturer and BPsych Level 4 Coordinator at the Pearson Institute of Higher Education.

Since February 2017 she has been offering her professional services as an independent contractor, developing and facilitating a host of workshops to schools and companies across South Africa.

In July 2017 she presented her Doctoral work at the 15th European Congress of Psychology, which was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Her passion is working with both adults and children from all walks of life from within the Contextual Approach. This way of working with people focuses on both the individual and their familial context.

Her practice is conveniently situated in Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth.

About Contextual Therapy:

Contextual therapy was founded by Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, a renowned psychiatrist and family therapist. This approach integrates psychoanalytic, systems, and existential theories, with the distinctive addition of relational ethics. This places this approach in a unique position to any other psychotherapeutic technique.

Contextual therapy is about understanding intergenerational legacies and the interconnection between people. The goal is to help people who seek therapy, individually or as part of a family group, to make fundamental changes in the way they think about, and consequently the way they act within their relationships. The aim is to bring about trust and mutual understanding between family members in order to bring about change within the family system.